Definitions for "Cincture"
Keywords:  alb, cassock, girdle, waist, worn
A belt, a girdle, or something worn round the body, -- as by an ecclesiastic for confining the alb.
A rope, usually white, worn with the alb or cassock-alb, tied with a slip knot at the right side of the waist and allowed to hang down the right side. The ends of the rope may have either knots or tassels. This rope is sometimes called a girdle. ( Photo courtesy - Robert Gaspard Co.)
Rope belt worn by an Acolyte, Worship Leader or Pastor.
Keywords:  fillet, apophyge, listel, shaft, column
The fillet, listel, or band next to the apophyge at the extremity of the shaft of a column.
a ring, list, or fillet at the top and bottom of a column, which divides the shaft from the capital and base.
That which encompasses or incloses; an inclosure.