Definitions for "Cuff"
Keywords:  sleeve, hem, forearm, shirt, trouser
The fold at the end of a sleeve; the part of a sleeve turned back from the hand.
Any ornamental appendage at the wrist, whether attached to the sleeve of the garment or separate; especially, in modern times, such an appendage of starched linen, or a substitute for it of paper, or the like.
The part of the gauntlet defending the wrist, flared widely during the 14th century but becoming longer and more narrow during the 15th.
Keywords:  slap, esp, smite, palm, flat
To strike; esp., to smite with the palm or flat of the hand; to slap.
A blow; esp.,, a blow with the open hand; a box; a slap.
Flat strip between the profile of the frame and the painting. It is usually of a bright color or gold.
a soft balloon around the distal end of the tube that can be inflated to seal the trachea for children needing ventilator support or to help prevent secretions from entering the lungs
a soft balloon around the distal (far) end of the tube that can be inflated to allow for mechanical ventilation in patients with respiratory failure
A smooth end on an irregularly surfaced tube or hose enabling the secure and leak-free fitment of the tube or hose to its termination point.
anadian nity an und. An annual fan charity to bring a fan from Western Canada to CanVentions held in Eastern Canada, or vice versa.
confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs; "The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime"
Keywords:  buffet
To buffet.
Keywords:  scuffle, fight, box
To fight; to scuffle; to box.
Cornell University Financial Forum
an infrequent but potentially serious complication in lung transplantation
Keywords:  skate, liner, shell, upper, section
The upper section of the skate shell and liner.
The top part of the boot that wraps around the lower leg. Many women's models are scalloped at the top to accommodate a large or low calf.
The cuff surrounds the anal canal and simulates the function of the anal sphincter.
The cuff surrounds the urethra or bladder neck.
Keywords:  clasp, hinge, oval, bracelet, round
Round or oval bracelet with clasp and hinge.
Keywords:  hit, disc, little, hand, direction
hit with the hand
Cuffing is when you give the disc a little hit and change its direction.
Keywords:  sewn, permanent, bag, turn, fabric
A turn back of fabric on itself to form the end of a bag. Normally sewn down to be permanent.
Keywords:  band, inside, painful, arm, connect
An arm band that does not connect, usually with the opening on the inside of the arm where it's most painful.