Definitions for "Polymer clay"
Polymer clay is a manmade material that remains pliable for long periods, but bakes or "cures" to hardness at fairly low temperatures. It can be sculpted, carved, stamped, textured, sanded, buffed, painted, and used to create sculpture, accessories, figurines, dolls, or jewelry, or to embellish other surfaces.
A modern modeling material composed primarily of PVC resin, plastizer and occasional filler material. A colorful clay like modeling compound that is cured at a temperature of 265°F, is permanent, and water resistant.
A polymer clay is a soft modeling clay that can be baked to a ceramic-like hardness at a much lower temperature than terra-cotta or water clay. The clay consists of a suspension of microscopic beads of polyvinyl chloride in a petroleum-based fluid. When the clay is baked in your home over, the liquid evaporates and the particles fuse together. The clay remains workable almost indefinitely before baking, and holds detail quite well. See also: Sculpey.