Definitions for "Stratus"
Keywords:  drizzle, gray, cloud, discernible, sky
A form of clouds in which they are arranged in a horizontal band or layer. See Cloud.
kind of cloud
Low clouds that have a stratified form, containing liquid water droplets.
Keywords:  asai, nova, vos, tolerant, api
A computer manufacturer that has developed a computer-specific API to provide mapping between some of its computers and ASAI. (See also SAI.)
Family of fault tolerant computers using VOS and UNIX operating Systems.
The central computer at NOVA that stores information and routes messages between the merchant terminals and the issuing bank.
An asynchronous transmission mailbox system that allows users to dial directly into CIGNA Government Services's Gateway Service. This network is used to transmit claims and download reports.
Stratus is the consortium that was selected to build and service our new HQ at Exeter.
Keywords:  filesystem, overlay, fuse, tag, based
Stratus is a tag-based filesystem overlay using FUSE.