Definitions for "Tuning"
The use of various techniques involving adjustments to both hardware and software to improve the operating efficiency of a computer system.
The process of changing the parameters of a device or a system to achieve a specified or improved performance.
The process of adjusting computer system control variables to make a system divide its resources most efficiently for a workload.
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This is the act of setting up your bow to shoot at its ultimate performance.
This is where you shoot an arrow through a sheet of paper and changing your bow set-up by the hole that is made by arrow passing through the paper. You determine the changes to be made to your bow by the tear of the hole in the paper.
The art! of obtaining the most consistent arrow flight from a bow and arrow for any particular archer. This is achieved by matching the arrow spine, FOC, fletchings to the bow, and by adjustment of the bow string (number of strands/type of material), nocking point, bracing height, tiller, Plunger button (spring tension and offset) and type of stabiliser setup used. In fact just about anything that is or is not adjustable can affect the tune of the bow,arrow ,archer setup.
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The process of adjusting each pipe in the organ to the correct pitch. This is done by changing the length of each flue pipe, using various means such as tuning slides, caps, etc; and the length of the vibrating tongue of each reed pipe by means of a tuning wire. Since the pitch is affected by the temperature of the air in and around the pipes, the tuning fluctuates with temperature changes, and must be re-done periodically if the organ is to sound at its best.
The process of adjusting the frequencies or pitches of instruments, usually in order to bring them into agreement with a pre-determined pitch
Adjustment of pitch of musical instruments to correct values.
Signal strength meters, included in the tune-up kits, are the best tools for tuning your dish to receive the highest quality picture possible. They are extremely useful when dish size or location hinders clear reception, or when extreme weather conditions require frequent peaking of your system. Skyvision offers several models of signal strength meters that are sure to fit your needs. See Tools.
Tuning is the process of performing a regression (and is the term used in Metrix). A Tuning Graph is a graph that shows the points and the "best-fit" line. Tuning and Regressing are synonyms (as verbs). Tuning and Regression are synonyms (as nouns).
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a way of re-programming the stock ECU found on all EFI-equipped Suzuki motorcycles
a must have for the enthusiast looking for a magazine dedicated to tricked-out Hondas including, concept
Refers to a longterm change in the central nervous system resulting from repeated experience of a particular condition of the nervous system that makes the individual more susceptible to reestablishment of that same condition
a number that represents something like an apple, for instance
The process of bringing the partials of a bell into harmonious arrangement (sometimes called inner tuning) and/or the strike notes of a peal of bells into harmonious arrangement (sometimes called outer tuning). Usually achieved by removing metal from the inside of the bell. ( Just tuning is something different).
The process of setting static or dynamic limits on a mail system to ensure that it handles overloads and failures gracefully.
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another word for temperament.
(NIST) Determining what parts of a program are being executed the most. A tool that instruments a program to obtain execution frequencies of statements is a tool with this feature.
(music) calibrating something (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency
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Care of a snowboard, e.g. edges, etc.
a system wherein all the note relationships can be expressed in ratios between integers
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a set position
a. & n. from Tune, v.