Definitions for "Harmonize"
Keywords:  consonance, sing, bring, accord, goals
sing or play in harmony
bring into consonance or relate harmoniously; "harmonize the different interests"
bring into consonance or accord; "harmonize one's goals with one's abilities"
To agree in action, adaptation, or effect on the mind; to agree in sense or purport; as, the parts of a mechanism harmonize.
To agree in vocal or musical effect; to form a concord; as, the tones harmonize perfectly.
To adjust in fit proportions; to cause to agree; to show the agreement of; to reconcile the apparent contradiction of.
Keywords:  nitty, rubycocoa, gritty, sync, ruby
Harmonize is a Ruby library that allows you to write pure-Ruby code to access the Sync Services API in Mac OS X without getting into the nitty-gritty of RubyCocoa.
write a harmony for
To accompany with harmony; to provide with parts, as an air, or melody.
To provide a melody with a chordal accompaniment.
To be in peace and friendship, as individuals, families, or public organizations.
To enter into peaceful harmony with people or the environment.