Definitions for "Families"
Relationships in which people live together with commitment, form an economic unit and care for any young, and consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group.
A group in the classification system that contains many Genera.
a man and a woman joined by marriage, with or without children
Families was a daytime soap opera produced by Granada Television and created by Kay Mellor. It followed two families; the Thompsons, based in Cheshire, England (in the fictional market town of Westbury), and the Stevens, living in Sydney, Australia.
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A collection of photos of some of the Taman Wahyu Church families I spent time with over my time in Malaysia.
a constant reminder to all Americans of the patriotic sacrifice made by their missing loved ones
a nonprofit, nonpartisan family values organization fighting to protect family-friendly values in California
a conserved process in mammalian brain
Middle School students are assigned to "Families" labeled A, B, and C, whose teachers meet twice a week to closely monitor each student's social, emotional, and academic progress and well-being.
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Rows of throw ups of the same name.
any person identified by a person with a disability as fulfilling the role of family.