Definitions for "scalability"
The potential for a business or an aspect of a business to continue to function effectively as its size increases.
1. The capability for a software application to provide support to more users or a higher volume of transactions or data than the application was originally deployed to support. 2. The ability to quickly meet demands for increased performance -- processing power, network connectivity, or data storage.
The ability of a system and/or application to grow incrementally larger without total replacement of hardware or software, and without the need to re-engineer the process.
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Scandisk scanner
The creation of a design concept that can be applied to a range of different sized retail formats – retaining the essence of the retail concept yet adapting to various sizes and scales.
This parameter measures how the server scales with load in terms of the number of zones, number of RRs per zone, number of DNS queries, and zone transfers or dynamic updates handled by the server in a typical deployment scenario. It also identifies the limits of the above parameters to which the server offers consistent performance without degradation.
Scalability offers a set of tools by which video can be coded at different resolutions in a single bitstream. When played, the bitstream is decoded at a suitable resolution (scale).
a characteristic of a new business concept that entails the growth of sales and revenues with a much slower growth of organizational complexity and expenses. Venture capitalists look for scalability in the startups they select to finance.
A DBMS that runs on platforms of multiple classes of machines (mini, mainframe, computer) is said to be scaleable.
SCORM - Sharable Content Object Reference Model Self Assessment
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A feature of DVD-A that allows the producer to select from various sample rates (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz) and word lengths (16, 20, 24). It is also possible for the producer to assign different sample rates and word lengths to different channel families, such as 96/24 to the front speakers and 48/16 to the surrounds.
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Service mark Social Cost
The number of multiple units that can be installed together in a single system.