Definitions for "bootstrap"
A statistical technique using resampling with replacement.
A random sample is selected by sampling with replacement from the data set and is used to train the network. The trained network is then tested on the remaining data. This procedure is repeated a large number of times. The average of all such test errors is an estimate of the generalisation performance metric.
A numerical method - also referred to as Bootstrap simulation - for inferring sampling distributions and confidence intervals for statistics of random variables. The methodology to estimate uncertainty involves generating subsets of the data on the basis of random sampling with replacements as the data are sampled. Such re-sampling means that each datum is equally represented in the randomization scheme (statistics). [7
Recalculation of results with randomly rearranged datasets to exclude the possibility of artefacts in data clustering.
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(1) A feedback technique which tends to improve linearity and input impedance of circuits operating over a wide range of input signal. (2) A short sequence of instructions, usually a loader program, which entered into the computer's programmable memory will operate a bulk storage memory device to load the programmable memory with a larger, more sophisticated program.
A common term, usually used to describe a small program whose purpose is to load a larger program or programs for execution.
a short piece of code that tells the BIOS how to load the operating system
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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on
a loop sewn onto your boot so you can pull it on yourself
a small loop of leather or other material that is found on
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See Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP).
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Information that includes the server index, media index, and configuration files needed for recovering LSM after a disk crash.
a paradoxical means of getting started on something where you need some of that something in order to get started
Term used to describe the start-up of a company with very little capital.
starting a business with little or no external funding.
(Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
To build a business out of nothing, with minimal outside capital.
This either refers a small piece of intermediate code that will boot up an operating system or the act of building something without help. See also Bootstrapping
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help oneself, often through improvised means
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See boot.