Definitions for "Cross-validation"
A method for comparing two or more conjectured variogram (or covariance) models. The technique depends on Jackknifing the data and on the exactness of the kriging estimator.
A method for estimating the accuracy (or error) of an inducer by dividing the data into mutually exclusive subsets (the ``folds'') of approximately equal size. The inducer is trained and tested times. Each time it is trained on the data set minus a fold and tested on that fold. The accuracy estimate is the average accuracy for the folds.
fold. The data set is divided equally into k randomly selected, mutually exclusive subsets called folds. k- 1 networks are trained sequentially on all combinations of k- 1 folds, while the performance of the trained networks is tested on the one remaining folds. The average of k- 1 such errors is an estimate of the generalisation performance metric.
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