Definitions for "Memory leak"
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A condition where a program continues to request more memory from an operating system, and doesn't tell the operating system when it is no longer using the memory. Programs with memory leaks (which can be considered a BUG) can end up using all of the memory available, or at least enough to cause performance problems.
A loss of usable storage space caused by the application's failure to correctly reclaim the memory occupied by the current KB's transient items.
Applications that require temporary memory request the memory from the operating sytem. When the application is done using the memory, it is supposed to tell the operating system so the operating system can use the memory for other applications. An application that fails to return the memory it had been given creates a " memory leak" - a situation in which some memory that is no longer in use is not available for future use.
an object in the heap to which no pointer exists
Making malloc calls without the corresponding calls to free. The result is that the amount of heap memory used continues to increase as the process runs.
an errant programmatic process that over time can gradually eat away at system resources
a common problem caused by poorly written or poorly debugged applications where they continually use more and more memory until you shut down the program, end the process manually or restart Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Management Console
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a portion of the system software in which memory usage slowly grows in size
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a bad thing, but someone needs to put a little more effort into his/her fix
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a condition that occurs when a