Definitions for "core dump"
An complete and exact copy of the contents of a computer core{9}, usually produced as a file when some serious error occurs in the execution of a computer program, and used for debugging the program which produced the error.
A full account of a person's knowledge on some specific topic, usually produced in response to a question of some kind. It is a mildly deprecatory term, suggesting that the person producing the account was unable to prepare a more concise and understandable summary of the information; as, I just need the essentials, not a core dump.
This is something different from the definition of core on this page. This is a file or printout generated at the time of a program terminating event, reflecting the state of memory from the application's point of view. These should be, in general, things that the application developer would prefer not to generate. However, the unexpected is often encountered.
a bad sign for a programmer, but an indicator of potential exploit for an attacker
a complete listing of the state of the machine contents at a particular instant in time
a record of the contents of primary storage
A file describing the state of a process that terminated abnormally.