Definitions for "Memory manager"
Keywords:  himem, emm, qemm, umbs, hma
A program that increases the amount of RAM available to programs by making by facilitating the use of Extended or Expanded memory . Some of the more common DOS Memory Managers are HIMEM.SYS, EMM386.EXE, QEMM.EXE, and products from other third party vendors. Not needed on a UNIX machine.
The part of the Operating System that dynamically allocates and releases memory space in the heap.
A program that manages how other programs use memory and makes available parts of memory beyond conventional memory. Two memory managers provided with LAN Manager are HIMEM.DOS and EMM386.DOS. See also conventional memory, expanded memory (EMS), extended memory, extended memory blocks, high memory area (HMA), upper memory blocks (UMBs).
a special device driver that provides access to different memory types