Definitions for "Bootloader"
Keywords:  circumvent, interrups, ecm, dss, sunday
a device designed to circumvent dss work
a device designed to circumvent the Black Sunday ECM
a device that interrups the signal from the receiver to the card and vice versa
Keywords:  iriver, stb, rockbox, firmware, flash
a piece of software that is located in a special part of a microprocessors flash memory
a software program that runs when a computer is first powered up
A small core software in a STB (Set-top-Box). The bootloader wakes up the receiver for example in the case of a new software download. Therefore the original bootloader will always remain in the STB during a software update.
Keywords:  mcu, grub, resides, dual, partition
a program that helps start up a computer system by loading the main executable programs from a disk of similar media to the computer's RAM
a program that resides in the code space of the target MCU
a simple program that resides on the boot record of a partition
Optional code which runs immediately on reset, before the bootstrap.
Keywords:  quicker, programmer, chip, lot
a lot quicker than a chip programmer
Keywords:  small, part
a VERY SMALL part of an OS