Definitions for "Multi-tasking"
Procedures in which several separate but interrelated computer tasks operate under a single program identity. (7/96)
An operating system can be said to be multi tasking if it allows several programs to be run at once
Using more than one program at the same time. When your computer is doing two things at once it is like a Mother - if she tries to do two things at once, she can, but neither gets done quite as well or quite as fast as if she just did one thing at a time! When you use more than one program at a time, or run two things at once, like typing and printing at the same time, your computer may be slower, or may run in spurts in what you are trying to do. This also causes special concerns for using available memory if you have very little in your computer.
A standard for communicating information between synthesizers, sequences, percussion machines, computers and other electronic musical equipment.
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Enables a user to receive a fax transmission, even if the fax device is copying, sending, or receiving a document.