Definitions for "Boot Record"
Keywords:  partition, floppy, bios, sector, scw
The boot record on your hard drives are at the beginning of each logical partition and contain info about that drive. If the boot record is on the active or bootable partition then it also contains start up procedure that boots the Operating System. This is different from the Master Boot Record.
The program recorded in the Boot Sector. All floppies have a boot record, whether or not the disk is actually bootable. Whenever you start or reset your computer with a disk in the A: drive, DOS reads the boot record from that diskette. If a boot virus has infected the floppy, the computer first reads the virus code in, then jumps to whatever sector the virus tells the drive to read, where the virus has stored the original boot record.
A file system table, containing information about bootable partition i.e. which contains operating system. (Often referred to as Boot sector, Boot block or Boot Track).