Definitions for "Teleology"
The doctrine of the final causes of things
the doctrine of design, which assumes that the phenomena of organic life, particularly those of evolution, are explicable only by purposive causes, and that they in no way admit of a mechanical explanation or one based entirely on biological science; the doctrine of adaptation to purpose.
Teleological explanations attempt to explain things in terms of their function. For example, Leibniz sought to explain the existence of evil in the world by arguing that it was necessary for free-will to exist.
inherent momentum, internal dynamic, orderliness and intelligibility as general characteristics of nature.
This means a future based orientation. If you are teleologically orientated, it means that you are orientated toward a future that's present for you, but just hasn't happened yet.
The tendency of efficient causes to realize definite results through their action.
Keywords:  assumption, pre, path, something, take
an assumption that there is a certain pre-determined path that something will take
Conversion of Special-Case Experience into Generalized Principles