Definitions for "CPM"
cost per thousand. A term typically used in pricing impressions in lots of 1000. Agencies and advertisers typically want advertising quotes in this form. An example would be a CPM of $50 would mean it would cost the advertiser $50 for 1000 banner impressions.
Advertizing term meaning cost per one thousand sightings or impressions.
ACRONYM - Cycles per minute - a unit of measure of the frequency of any vibration.( 058)
CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER. A professional awarded to real estate managers by the Institute of designation Real- Estate Management, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. Address: Institute of Real Estate Management 430 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 6061 1
Centre for Project Management
Corporate performance management. See enterprise PM.
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See Critical Path Method
Critical Path Method. a project planning and scheduling technique which was developed in the mid-1950's by Morgan R. Walker of the E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company Engineering Department of Wilmington, Delaware and James E. Kelley of Sperry Univac. It is an approach for defining the structure of a project. It establishes a network of project phases with nodes to indicate start and stop points. Critical project activities are determined and are used as a point of reference for scheduling. The technique was originally developed for linear programming and was called "network analysis." (See PERT).
Abbreviation for Critical Path Method.
Continuous passive motion. A form of passive mobilisation, assisting in the recovery of cartliage. Used commonly following knee reconstructions.
See "Continuous Passive Motion."
Constant passive motion devices used in the early stage of knee rehabilitation.
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Communications Processor Module The magic communications co-processor in Motorola PowerQUICC? devices. It contains SCCs and SMCs, and performs SDMA and IDMA.
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Cumulative Performance Measure. VTAC developed summative instrument, available since 2003, for VCE and Senior VCAL graduates who have completed no more than 3 and no less than 2 scored VCE studies.
A commonly used measure of radioactivity from particle emitters; since a detection instrument cannot operate at 100% efficiency, the CPM found will be less that the actual DPM.
The unit of measurement usually used to measure alpha and beta radiation.
Current Periodicals and Microforms. The area in the library that houses the most recently received/published magazines, journals, and newspapers, as well as items that are in microfiche or microfilm formats.
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Communist Party of India (Marxist)
List Rental SEM
Mailing List Telemarketing Lists
Central Psychographic Model. The profile of the common emotional drives and characteristics of your Ideal Customer. Answers the question: "How do my customers think and how do they make their decision to buy?" Gives us insight into what to place in our marketing message
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Copyrighted Material flag. In DVD-Video, a 1-bit value stored in the CPR_MAI that indicates if the corresponding sector includes any copyrighted material.
Continuous Particulate Monitors
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Custodial Parent Mother
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CPS Crack a valve
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