Definitions for "CPL"
Characters per line. A unit of measurement that indicates the number of characters per printed line.
The cost of advertising based on the number of database files (leads) received.
A CPA pricing model that typically pays a fixed fee for the acquisition of a customer lead, such as a filled-out form, a free trial offer signup, or free download.
abb. the title "Certified Professional Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
Certified Processors List. A publicly available list of processors to which the ACAA has granted certified status. The CPL is maintained by the ACAA.
Credit for prior learning: The recognition of knowledge, skills, attitudes or other attributes that have been acquired through uncredentialled or other informal learning. Credit for prior learning may be awarded at the faculty's discretion, in the form of specified or unspecified credit. The term used for CPL at Deakin in policy etc. is advanced standing.
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urrent rivilege evel
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Courants Porteurs en Ligne
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Comité Parisien de Libération; the Paris Liberation Committee, controlled the COMPAC and the CNR. It was a largely Communist dominated.
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ost er ead
Cyberathlete Professional League. founded in 1997 by Angel Munoz as a professional sports tournament for computer gamers. The CPL holds tournaments throughout the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia, and has hosted a variety of teams and players usually regarded as the best in their respective games.
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Combined Platform Ladder
Criminal Procedure Law of China; the revised CPL came into effect on 1 January 1997.
Community Program Leader - Staff position responsible for delivering Girl Scout programs (i.e. Discover Girl Scouts) throughout the community
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Call Processing Language, an XML based language that can be used to describe and control processing of calls in VoIP systems.
Classification, Packaging and Labelling
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How much you will earn on for each visitor signs up.
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Common Public License
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Control Panel (file name extension)
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