Definitions for "Downline"
For multi-level marketing: all those participants whose sales result in a commission for X. These lie in the descent group of X (descent defined by recruitment). For money chain letters: all those letters with X's name and address on the senders list.
In a network or multi-level marketing company, your downline are the recruits that you find to also join the company. In multi-level arrangements, your downline will also include the recruits of your recruits.
Refers to affiliates who are below you in the T-Net network.
A length of detonating cord extending from the surface into the borehole and attached to or in contact with explosives in the borehole.
The members of a club introduced directly or indirectly by an individual or organization that is a previous member of the aforementioned club.
All segments, legs or cities listed below the originating or headline city.
The line of self-employed consultants arranged below an individual consultant