Definitions for "CFI"
An abbreviation for a Flight Instructor (Certified Flight Instructor) certified and qualified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This certification/rating is required to provide flight instruction in aircraft.
A pilot holding a Commercial pilot certificate who, after passing two written tests and a practical flight exam, is FAA-rated to give flight instruction. The flight instructor rating is specific as to type of instruction, e.g., single-engine airplane, multi-engine airplane, instrument flying (CFII), helicopter, etc.
Chief Flying Instructor
College Foundation, Inc.. A nonprofit organization created by the State of North Carolina in 1955. CFI's sole purpose is to assist North Carolina students in paying their education expenses beyond high school. On behalf of the Authority, CFI administers a number of grant programs and is the central loan originator and servicer for the North Carolina Federal Family Loan Program.
College Foundation, Inc. An origination agent and servicer of federal student loans in North Carolina.
Acronym for "Canada Foundation for Innovation"
"Central Fuel Injection", refers to a fuel metering system in which fuel is injected into the incoming air at a single point using twin injectors in the throttle body, after which the airflow is split up for individual cylinders (in contrast to multiport fuel injection). Visually the system bears some resemblance to a carburetor, but the fuel metering is under electronic control. CFI was used on '84 and '85 Mustangs with automatic transmissions mated to the 3.8L V6 or 5.0L H.O., and is an EEC-IV controlled system. CFI is also known TBI or (Throttle Body Injection) Also Refers to the "Continuous Flow Injection" system in which fuel is pumped directly into the throttle body at a continous rate as opposed to being sequentially pulsed into the ports like in the fuel injection system on the 1986+ 5.0L .
European Court of First Instance
CONTINUOUS FOREST INVENTORY. Timber sampling system that provides for periodic remeasurement of specific stands or plots of individual trees; this shows status and periodic change overtime for the forest as a whole and major subdivisions therein (3) IAMETER LIMIT CUTTING: The cutting of all the trees in a stand above a specified diameter, generally without regard to tree species, quality or individual tree location. The diameter limit may vary by species. In most instances, diameter limit cutting over time will degrade a forest for most ownership objectives. (5)
Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion.
Community Financial Institution. A community financial institution is currently defined as a member who has: deposits insured under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act; and average total assets of less than $500 million based on regulatory reports for the three most recent calendar year-ends adjusted by CPI as determined by the FHFB. The actual CFI limit for 2002 was $527 million, and is $538 million for 2003.
Culture and Family Institute
Cancelled from inception. This phrase refers to a contract for an investment product (such as a personal pension) which has been cancelled within the 'cooling-off' period.
Cash outflow From Investment
Common Flash Interface CFI is a standard for flash chips that allows to create device independend drivers for such chips.
Canal France International Audiovisual and TV Company
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Customer-Furnished Item
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Cost, Freight & Insurance.
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CF Industries, Incorporated
Classification of Financial Instruments