Definitions for "Cost per Thousand"
a figure used in comparing /evaluating the relative cost efficiency of media; the advertising cost of reaching 1,000 readers. (e.g. ABC magazine's Page 4C cost = $25,000. It reaches 1,000,000 Women, age 35-44. It's CPM for Women 35-44 is: $25,000/1,000,000 = $25).
Traditionally called CPM, because the "M" represents the Roman numeral for thousand. The figure is calculated by dividing circulation or audience by a thousand and dividing the result into the cost of the advertising unit.
The cost of advertising per thousand potential customers reached by a given publication, broadcast, or outdoor advertisement. This figure is often used in media planning.
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The cost to expose 1000 people to a particular ad.
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Common rate for list rentals
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Cost to deliver a message to 1,000 individuals