Definitions for "CPR"
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Computerized patient record
Is the combination of mouth to mouth resuscitation (Expired Air Resuscitation) and chest compressions (External Cardiac Compressions) to assist the circulation.
Cardio Pulmoary Resuscitation.
concrete pavement restoration; conditional prepayment rate
Constant Prepayment Rate. Typically, the result is stated as a percentage of the mortgage balance outstanding at the beginning of a period (for example, prior month or year) to a subsequent like period. This number is referred to as the CPR. The CPR includes only prepayments, not contractual amortization payments.
A prepayment measure calculated by assuming that a constant portion of the outstanding mortgage loans will prepay each month. (also see PSA).
ardio ulmunary esuscitation.
See ardio ulmonary esuscitation.
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Centro de Profesores y Recursos
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CPR or Crosby, Pevar and Raymond is a rock/jazz band that consists of members David Crosby (founding member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, session guitarist, Jeff Pevar and pianist, James Raymond.
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Critical Power Ratio
short for Catch, Photograph, Release.
(Complete Program Record) Saves you the "heart attack" from missing the end of the TV porgram because the tape ran out. During the TV recording, the deck automatically senses if there is enough tape remain to record the porgram. If not, it will switch automatically to SLP to catch those critical last few minutes.
Cycles per Revolution (see Resolution)
Cycles Per Revolution. The number of increments on the disk of an incremental encoder. A one thousand increment encoder has a CPR of 1000.
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Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Computerized Patient Record. See electronic medical record.
Computer-based Patient Record. A compilation in electronic form of individual patient information that resides in a system designed to provide access to complete and accurate patient data, alerts, reminders, clinical decision support systems, links to medical knowledge, and other aids.
Computer-based Patient Record. See: Electronic Medical Record.
Central Paternity Registry. A clearinghouse of birthing information obtained as a result of the establishment of a parent/child relationship on out-of-wedlock births in Ohio.
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This stands for 'Civil Procedure Rules', the rules which govern the conduct of all county court claims. The rules are divided into a number of different sections, or "parts", each dealing with a different topic. Part 27 specifically applies to small claims and can be found reproduced in full in the DYJ toolkit.
Civil procedure Rules. A set of rules which came into force in 1999 which now govern how the civil courts work.
Chemical phosphorus removal. The addition of chemicals to wastewater in order to precipitate phosphorus which is ultimately settled out and removed with sewage sludge.
Basic CPR, recertification and Infant CPR classes are offered.
Committee of Permanent Representatives/UNEP
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Chinese Peoples Republic
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Canadian Pacific Railway
Contraceptive Prevalence Rate
See Cost Performance Ratio See Cost Performance Report
Comparative Performance Report. A report to monitor and profile physician's billing patterns within each area or locality and provide comparative data to physicians whose utilization patterns vary significantly from other physicians in the same payment and/or locality.
Cost Performance Report. A contractually required report, prepared by the contractor, containing information derived from the internal system. Provides status of progress on the contract.
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Compliance Policy Review
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Cost Per Rating. The cost of delivering a message to 1% of a pre-determined target group.
Cost per response. Reflects the actual cost of obtaining one response or lead.