Definitions for "ACLS"
The American Heart Association's Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Advanced Cardiac Life Support. At Wake, they train us in this before third year, so hypothetically we could actually run a code - you know, "Push 1 mg of epi! CLEAR! SHOCK!" Needless to say, most of us forget it before we could ever use it. It's a good thing you have to recertify every so often.
see Advanced Cardiac Life Support
assign user and group privileges to define authorization permission for changing or accessing information. ACLs also enable administrators to exercise a degree of control over access to information.
A list that indicates which users or groups have permission to access or modify a particular file on Windows NT.
An ACL (Access Control List) is a list that contains the names of individual users and/or groups and the object-level permission assigned to each. If the docbase is running with ACL security, then every SysObject has one associated ACL that defines who can access the object and at what level. Additionally, users and type definitions have ACLs. These exist as potential default ACLs for objects created by users.
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Allen Cognitive Level Screen - A screening tool consisting of 3 leather lacing stitches The range of the scores is from 3.0 to 5.8, also called the leather lacing kit.
American Council of Learned Societies
Automatic carrier landing system; also: air cushion landing system