Definitions for "amortization schedule"
The schedule of payments for paying off a loan.
The breakdown of individual payments throughout the life of an amortized loan, showing both principal contribution and debt service (interest) fees.
A schedule of payments designed to liquidate a debt. May be over any agreed upon period of time. An example of this would be a standard 30-year mortgage amortization wherein a borrower would make 360 equal consecutive monthly payments at the end of which the original loan would be paid in full.
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a financial road map showing you how to get from a place of debt to a debt free place
a financial road map showing you how to reach a debt free destination
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Amortizing Swap
In a lease, it's the amount you have to pay before you can drive away. Includes your deposit, and title and registration fees.
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a double check on the lenders
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a tool that can help you to know just how much you are paying for your home