Definitions for "incremental"
In CNC this is a reference to a Cartesian coordinate system in which all coordinate locations are taken ( measured) from the previous position rather than from the origin. See also absolute.
a partial snapshot with respect to the previous dump
Marginal, additional.
increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "lecturers enjoy...steady incremental growth in salary"
To encourage additional investments in conservation, utilities submitting proposals must self-certify that their ConAug proposal is incremental to the conservation investments they would have made absent approval of their ConAug activity.
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A small increase, implying one of several progress ive step [D02834] RMW Qualifies an iterative development strategy in which the system is built by adding more and more functionality at each iteration. [D04734] RUP
An increase in product sales volume attributed to a special promotion or merchandising plan.
Recording method allowing subsequent append or overwrite operations without reformatting or loss of adjacent pre-recorded information.
a backup of only the data that has changed since the last successful baseline
A backup that includes all files changed since the last Full, Differential, or Incremental backup started. It is normally specified on the Level directive within the Job resource definition, or in a Schedule resource.
Pertaining to, or resulting from, the process of growth; as, the incremental lines in the dentine of teeth.
The results achieved above expected levels, these are results that would not have occurred without the incentive program.
Increment is the level of small improvement or "continuous improvement" by which a machine or piece of equipment can be improved (as opposed to radical improvement).
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refers to an output that is measured in known increments from a known reference point; e.g., a step motor provides incremental motion based on an initial position and an incremental encoder provides incremental feedback information based on a known zero point.
container Container Container for limits of an incremental change to the parent value.