Definitions for "Correlator"
A signal processing function which discriminates between radar returns and spurious signals of narrow pulse duration during pulse compression operation by comparing radar returns for PRT-to-PRT or scan-to-scan coincidence.
A device to measure the correlation function between input signals. Input signal voltages are multiplied with each other and filtered. Correlators may be digital or analogue complex correlator has cosine and sine outputs.
The receiver component that demodulates a Spread Spectrum signal. Basically used to measure the similarity of two signals. Sometimes referred to as a "de-spreader" in direct sequence systems.
A core component of HP-UX HIDS that interprets and categorizes the data sources, correlates the information to known detection templates, and sends notification of any suspected intrusions to the HP-UX HIDS System Manager.
Dominick's occupation. Someone who collects data on the past.
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A hardware device that performs a correlation.
In-ground device to align the vehicle wheels with a wash conveyor by providing a mechanism for the vehicle to slide laterally. The Correlator is located at the beginning of the entrance of the conveyor.