Definitions for "arrows "
Keywords:  lane, foul, fifteen, darts, bowler
Aiming points embedded in the lanes starting about 15 feet from the foul line.
Marks in the shape of a triangle approximately 15 feet from the foul line to assist the bowler in consistently targeting a spot closer than the pins. There are seven arrows, one every five boards. From the right channel, the 1st arrow is on board five, the 2nd arrow on board ten, the 3rd arrow on board fifteen, the 4th arrow on board twenty, the 5th arrow on board twenty-five, the 6th arrow on board thirty, and the 7th arrow on board thirty-five. If the bowler is left-handed, reverse the order of the arrows from the left channel.
Targeting arrows that appear on the lane 12 to 16 feet beyond the foul line. Also called darts.
Keywords:  claw, eagle, left, coins, viewer
Element of design found in the left claw of the eagle seen on many United States coins.
A means to navigate backward (left arrow) or forward (right arrow) through Web pages.
Design element usually found in the left (viewer's right) claw of the eagle seen on many US coins.
Keywords:  konami, sprite, maze, chased, score
Arrows is a unique little maze game. The goal is to guide the blue spinning thing through a maze of arrows, collecting the green things to score points. Arrows can be created and destroyed along the way. The player is chased by an enemy sprite which slowly catches up.
Arrows is a Rhythm & Beat game based on KONAMI's "Dance Dance Revolution". A Rhythm & Beat game generally is a game which the main idea of the game is to use the rhythm and beat to be play it well, and thus score well.
Keywords:  shui, feng, hostile, symbol, poison
Secret arrows or poison Arrows symbolise killing energy or bad Feng Shui. These can be caused by hostile structures in the landscape or by bad furniture placement in the home such as sharp corners pointing at you or even a T intersection outside your front door.
Symbol used to show the union of the 5 nations as they are bundled together.