Definitions for "panning"
the side-to-side rotation of a film or video camera.
Moving the camera so that the image of a moving object remains in the same relative position in the viewfinder as you take a picture.
Technique that involves taking a picture while moving the camera at a relatively slow shutter speed. It is almost always used when tracking a moving object, such as a race car, as it travels across the film plane. When properly carried out, the object is rendered relatively sharply while its surroundings are blurred.
The act or process in which heavier ores are concentrated by agitating a sample of crushed ore under water in a shallow pan, thus washing away the lighter particles from the sample; as, panning for gold. See pan{1}, v. t. and pan{1}, v. i.
The first Australian gold pans were frying pans with the handles removed. Therefor the frying pan was no good for frying but good for gold so it became gold panning with a gold pan.
A method of getting gold by using a metal pan in the water to separate gold from sand and gravel.
To move an audio signal from one output to the other. Panning a sound between two speakers changes the apparent position of the sound.
The act of moving a signal around in the sound field to sound as though it is coming from a specific direction. Whether stereo, surround or any other field format.
Panning refers to the volume at which a sound is played out of two separate speakers. If the sound coming out of one speaker is louder than the other then the sound will seem to be closer to that speaker.
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The cooking of a vegetable in a tightly covered skillet, using a small amount of fat but no added water.
A bakery term for putting raw dough on a cooking sheet.
The movement of a user-defined window to a desired location on a computer monitor srceen using a pointing device such as a mouse.
An accessory used in the installation of window products, the pan helps by covering exposed wood between the new window and the existing brick. Panning can also assist by providing enough distance between the brick and light opening for correct squaring and common sizing of replacement windows.
In replacement window work, the outside aluminum trim that can extend around the perimeter of the window opening; used to cover up the old window material.
An iterative method for selecting cells or clones based on successive rounds of target selection.
A selection method by which a transgenic virus expressing a desired protein may be selected from a mixture of viruses.
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A term used to describe the aluminum covering extrusion components (i.e. jambs, sill and head jamb).
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process of using a pan with holes to sift the sand and sediment from water sources, most often rivers
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A way of viewing specific areas of a drawing that mimics the way you might slide a piece of paper around on a desk
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Changing the screen origin to a different point in video memory.