Definitions for "Grainy"
Resembling grains; granular.
A grainy condition imparts a granular consistency when the butter is melted on the tongue.
A moderate texturing of reproduced sound. The sonic equivalent of grain in a photograph. Coarser than dry but finer than gritty.
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Describes primary grades of well-made CTC teas such as Pekoe dust.
Term applied to well made fannings and dust.
The primary grades of the best CTC teas.
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Having a taste like cereal or raw grain.
Tastes like cereal or raw grain.
Presents the smell or flavor of cereal grain.
Describes an image that has a speckled look due to particles of silver clumping together.
The word grainy is usually used to describe photographs, or other images, in which areas of uniform tone on the image appear spotty or grainy. In photography this is usually due to the silver particles that make up the image clumping together.
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Granulation Graphite
Appearance of a photograph or halftone that has been enlarged so much that the pattern of crystals in the emulsion can be seen in the photo or its reproduction.
Crystal aggregate resembling a cluster of grain.
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As applied to putting greens, the tendency for grass leaves to lie down in one direction and interfere with the natural roll of the ball.
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Well made hard leaf.