Definitions for "Graphite"
Native carbon in hexagonal crystals, also foliated or granular massive, of black color and metallic luster, and so soft as to leave a trace on paper. It is used for pencils (improperly called lead pencils), for crucibles, and as a lubricator, etc. Often called plumbago or black lead.
A form of carbon, used in pencils, stick, or powder form. Graphite can be measured in different variations of hardness, such as 9B to 9H. See the Drawing and Sketching forum.
The most stable allotrope, or form of carbon, having a hexagonal type linking of atoms with relatively strong bonds to 3 neighboring carbon atoms, and a much weaker bond to a fourth carbon atom.
a package developed by SIL to provide “ smart rendering” for complex writing systems in an extensible way. It is programmable using a language called Graphite Description Language (GDL). Because it is extensible, it can be used to provide rendering for minority languages not supported by Uniscribe.
Graphite is a programmable Unicode-compliant smart-font rendering system developed by SIL international. Graphite is based on the True Type font format, and adds three of its own tables. It is open source, originally implemented on Windows and ported to Linux and Mac OS X.
Used to make clubheads and shafts.
Synthetic filament material used for shaft and head production, produced through a series of heating steps. Graphite fibers may differ greatly in strength and modulus.
a lightweight substance employed in aerospace applications before its us(resin).
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Graphite is a Python graphing package currently under development which uses either SPING or PIDDLE . It produces PS, PDF, SVG output, bitmap, TK or wXpython with optional modules.
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The material of choice for today's fly rods. It's stronger, lighter, and more flexible than materials used in the past. Of all the things you want to lay down your hard earned dollar for it's this. Your shoulder will thank you for it. ()
the most popular rod-building material in use today; offers the best weight, strength, and flex ratio of any rod building material currently available.
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