Definitions for "Case hardening"
Failure of cones to open because of immaturity or improper processing.
when stone is first taken from the ground, it is relatively soft. As it dries out, and salts are drawn to the surface, a patina or harder outer skin known as the case hardening, is formed.
To harden (usually steel) so that the surface layer is harder than the interior. For a low carbon steel this is accomplished by heating to temperature and quenching in a bath of carbon powder.
Keywords:  spoilage, rapid, tensile, drying, wet
A drying defect characterised by the presence of compression stresses in the outer zone and tensile stresses in the core. It occurs when rapid drying has caused permanent set of the outer zones of a piece of wood.
the formation of a dry skin on a wet food due to over-rapid drying. It slows the rate of drying and can lead to spoilage during storage.