Definitions for "Galbanum"
Keywords:  ferula, gum, bitter, resin, aromatic
A gum resin exuding from the stems of certain Asiatic umbelliferous plants, mostly species of Ferula. The Bubon Galbanum of South Africa furnishes an inferior kind of galbanum. It has an acrid, bitter taste, a strong, unpleasant smell, and is used for medical purposes, also in the arts, as in the manufacture of varnish.
a bitter aromatic gum resin that resembles asafetida
A gum resin valued for its leafy green, soft balsamic odor. Galbanum is used in many fragrances to provide a pleasing freshness, or green lift.
Ex 30:34] a ceremonial oil extracted from a Middle Eastern plant. It has a fine blue color that changes to purple when exposed to the air.