Definitions for "Vervain"
Keywords:  verbena, genus, faen, ferfaen, showy
Any plant of the genus Verbena.
a plant known for its medicinal uses, verbena
a medicinal plant of the verbena family, slightly bitter in taste. The name vervain is derived from the Celtic ferfaen, from fer (to drive away) and faen (a stone), as the plant was much used to soothe attacks of the bladder.
A perennial herb used for headaches, skin infections, dysentery, supressing appetite and increasing breast milk. It is also a liver and nerve tonic.
Is used to help strengthen and restore the nervous system, particularly after an illness or for any liver complaints. It is an anti-spasmodic and works on the peripheral nervous system.
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Vervain is one of the Efrafan rabbits from the tale Watership Down.