Definitions for "Verbena"
A genus of herbaceous plants of which several species are extensively cultivated for the great beauty of their flowers; vervain.
any of numerous tropical or subtropical American plants of the genus Verbena grown for their showy spikes of variously colored flowers
A lemon-flavored South American herb.
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In Spanish-speaking cultures, a verbena is a country fair, modest amusement park, and/or a dance party, especially one held at night. An old tradition, they usually take place after dark in the summer. Nowadays some major cities (such as Barcelona) have locations that attempt to be permanent verbenas, but these inevitably have less of the character of the tradition than those which appear for only a few days a year.
Verbena is an Alabama-based rock band founded in the early 1990s by high school friends Scott Bondy (vocals, guitar), Les Nuby (drums), and Daniel Johnston (bass). Originally calling themselves Shallow, the trio added Anne Marie Griffin (additional vocals, guitar) and replaced Nuby with original Remy Zero drummer Louis Schefano and began recording for Merge Records under the name Verbena. Soon after Nuby returned to the group, the band attracted attention from Dave Grohl, who agreed to produce the band's major-label debut, Into the Pink in 1999.