Definitions for "Motherwort"
A labiate herb (Leonurus Cardiaca), of a bitter taste, used popularly in medicine; lion's tail.
A perennial herb used for tachyarrhythmias, to prolong life. Toxic.
Leonuris cardiaca, a hairy perennial herb that smells like horehound. It is also called Lionís Tail, Lionís Ear, Chongwei and Cardiaca.
Motherwort is valuable in the stimulation of delayed or suppressed menstruation, especially where there is anxiety or tension involved. It is a useful relaxing tonic for aiding in menopausal changes. It may be useful to ease false labor pains. It is an excellent tonic for the heart, strengthening without straining. It is considered to be a specific in cases of tachycardia (heart palpitations), especially when brought about by anxiety and other such causes. It may be used in all heart conditions that are associated with anxiety and tension. Motherwort's actions include: nervine, emmenagogue, anti-spasmodic, hepatic, cardiac tonic, and hypotensive.
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The mugwort. See Mugwort.
Helps balance brain activity and with the release of pituitary hormones. BACK
As A Treatment"...Any menstrual irregularity has been treated at one time or other with motherwort..."