Definitions for "Angelica"
An aromatic umbelliferous plant (Archangelica officinalis or Angelica archangelica) the leaf stalks of which are sometimes candied and used in confectionery, and the roots and seeds as an aromatic tonic.
The candied leaf stalks of angelica.
A herb, often candied used in dessert cooking. Can also be steamed and eaten as a vegetable.
Angelica is a character in the epic poem Orlando innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardo, its continuation, Orlando furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, and various later works based on these. All are part of the Matter of France, a cycle of stories based on the adventures of Charlemagne and his paladins.
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Angelica were an all-girl punk rock band from Lancaster, England. Holly Ross (lead vocals and guitar), Brigit Colton (bass guitar), Claire Windsor (guitar) and Rachel Parsons (drums) formed the band while still at school in 1994 and performed until 2003. Their music was influenced by punk music mixed with surf rock overtones, and feminist lyrics.
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Eucalyptus Mullein Rosemary
A giant member of the parsley family, its seeds and powdered leaves are used as souring agents in Persian recipes.
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used as a stimulant to relieve fatigue and ease stress
Angelica may be familiar as the acid green crystallised...
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Angelica is a woman's given name.