Definitions for "Tripod"
Any utensil or vessel, as a stool, table, altar, caldron, etc., supported on three feet.
A three-legged frame or stand, usually jointed at top, for supporting a theodolite, compass, telescope, camera, or other instrument.
A three-legged stool, sometimes with a back. ( Triptolemus, the little tripod with an attitude in Immortal Heat, is a fictional character, although based on tripods mentioned in the Iliad that Hephaestus had created with ears, to hear his commands, and wheels, to obey them.)
an indispensable item for any backpacking trip
an indispensable piece of equipment
a great tool when you are photographing with slower shutter speed
a must as taking a night shot will means you need to set a longer shutter time, thus, exposing the film for a longer time to absorb the lights around on the film
a nervous photographer's best friend
a good idea as it will allow you to fine tune lighting, props without interfering with the composition, plus perhaps more importantly, will allow you to interact and engage better with the sitter
a good idea - I liked the body mount view you guys used on the passenger door
a good idea in the forest
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Tripod is an Australian musical comedy act specialising in improv, parody and satire. As its name suggests, the band is a trio consisting of Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates). The trio cover a wide variety of performance styles from soft ballads to hard rock, performing these songs with only the aid of Scod (and at times Gatesy) playing acoustic guitar.
a necessity anywhere near this level
a necessity if you are serious about your photos
an ideal way to create professional photo id cards
A focus of religious ceremonies at the shrine of Apollo at Delphi. Offerings and prophecies were made on it.
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a must for things like that
a wonderful thing
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a very important item in a chasers bag of goodies
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a great solution for maintenance and manufacturing work because with an adjustable span and height you can use it for anything from equipment repair to HVAC work
a must - a clamp works in a pinch
a must for serious close-up work
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a simple fix, if you don't mind toting one along
a simple, yet crucial piece of equipment for quality video
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A headline that uses a big, bold word or phrase and two smaller lines of deck squaring off alongside.
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a bit fiddly but at least it comes with pads and straps for wearing it
Keywords:  photography, type
a must with this type of photography
Keywords:  washington, advice, western, low, shots
a must, as the light in western Washington State is often low, even during the day
a must for low-light shots, so again, good advice
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a must, and a remote switch removes all doubt
a must have if you want to take advantage of automatic tracking capabilities and the additional stability provided by this table top model makes it an excellent investment for taking care of and getting the most out of your telescope
Keywords:  guns, clip, flash, holding, position
a must and some device, clip etc for holding the flash guns in position
a tall structure that elevates a person high above the ground
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an almost definite
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