Definitions for "CS mount"
Keywords:  flange, lenses, cctv, focal, mount
A new generation of lenses designed for 2/3", 1/2" and 1/3" cameras incorporating CS-mounts. The distance from the flange surface to the focal point is 12.5mm. CS mount lenses cannot be used on cameras with a C-mount configuration. These lenses are more compact and cheaper than the C-mount equivalents.
Special” C-Mount. Same physical characteristics except it places the back plane of a lens 5mm nearer to the image device. Auto Iris versions of this format are made in two main varieties. The main distinction between them is one has the electronics to control the iris in the lens and other relies on the camera to supply varying voltages to the lens.
A type of lens mount that has a flange back distance of 12.5mm. "CS" mount lenses have a shorter back focal distance than "C" mount lenses.