Definitions for "Focal"
Acronym for Programme Français Océan et Climat dans l'Atlantique Equtorial. See Katz (1987) and Richardson and Reverdin (1987).
A deficit is 'focal' if it implies local rather than generalized underlying brain damage. Thus, the focal neurological deficit of right hemiparesis implies damage to the left motor strip or its associated nerve fibres; and the focal neuropsychological deficit of poor verbal memory implies damage to the dominant (usually left) temporal lobe. There are other deficits (eg generalized dementia) which imply generalized brain damage.
an electronically adjustable armrest
Belonging to,or concerning, a focus; as, a focal point.
having or localized centrally at a focus; "focal point"; "focal infection"
of or relating to a focus; "focal length"
FOCAL, (abbreviation of FOrmula CALculator), is an interpreted programming language resembling JOSS.
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Film Distance (ffd) - The distance in inches between the focal spot of the x-ray tube, or the radiation source, and the film.
Pertaining to specific area.
localized; concentrated in a specific area.
In terms of cancer, limited to a specific area.
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Restricted to one region (as opposed to diffuse). [Click Here To Return To List
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With well defined borders