Definitions for "Replacement"
In insurance, a transaction that occurs when a policyowner surrenders an insurance policy or part of the coverage of a policy in order to buy another policy. Replacements may be external or internal. An external replacement occurs when the new policy is issued by a different insurer than the one that originally issued the policy. An internal replacement is one in which the new contract is purchased from the same insurer that issued the original contract.
In life insurance, the act of substituting a new policy for another policy already in force. In situations where replacement is not warranted, it is sometimes called twisting. (See also: twisting.)
The act of terminating a policy with one insurer for a new policy with another insurer. This practice is regulated by most states because often it is not in the insured's best interest to make such a switch.
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an information return file sent by the filer at the request of IRS/ECC-MTB because of errors encountered while processing the filer's original file or correction file
an information return file sent by the filer because FILE STATUS on the FIRE System indicated the original file was bad
A piece of glass cut and sometimes painted to match a piece missing in a stained glass panel.
The dissolving or disintegration of one material followed by precipitation of a new material in its place.
When discussing lead hazards, an abatement strategy in which components such as windows, doors, and trim with lead-painted surfaces are removed, and new lead-paint-free components are installed.
a physical duplicate of a specific humanoid, called a primary
Part furnished by Chevrolet which fits and functions, but doesn't necessarily duplicate the original.
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a misnomer - see remise and redouble
an increased sense of well being and an increased ability to calmly deal with stressful situations
Workers hired to replace employees on strike. In the case of economic strikers, the strikers retain their employee status while on strike; however, the company may hire permanent replacements, and may legally refuse to reinstate strikers who have been permanently replaced. In this situation, if there are permanent replacements, economic strikers are generally entitled to reinstatement when the replacements leave. In the case of unfair labor practice strikes, the strikers must be reinstated with few exceptions.
The processes of filling vacancies created as volunteers move to other positions in an organisation or leave the organisation.
filling again by supplying what has been used up
Replacing of the first denture/partial denture or crown/filling.
a thousand dollars - - which Ronnie happens to have handy
a person who follows next in order; "he was President Lincoln's successor"
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a mapping of a placeholder name to a value
a natural, physiological treatment of depression (as contrasted to treatment with synthetic or botanical drugs)
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What you have to buy quickly at the Paul stand when your last body wire fails.
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Young bird grown to replace breeding stock.
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a delete and then an add of what the day should be
Indicating that a subject is interchangeable with another subject, but which differs physically from the original subject in that the installation of the replacement subject requires extra machining or provisions in addition to the normal application and methods of attachment.
someone who takes the place of another person
a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another
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The removal of an edge or an angle by one or more planes.
Process where a body part of an organism is replaced by a material with a different composition from the original material.
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The act of replacing.