Definitions for "Dipole"
This is an antenna that is fed from the center (such as rabbit ears).
a radio antenna consisting of two horizontal rods in line with each other with their ends slightly separated DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munition DIG date-time group DZ drop zone E&E evasion and escape ECM electronic countermeasures EDGE emergency deployment readiness exercise EEL essential elements of information EVENT end of evening nautical twilight
An antenna which is made up of two active elements.
A speaker that radiates in two directions out of phase.
An open-back speaker that radiates sound equally front and rear. The front and rear waves are out of phase and cancellation will occur when the wavelengths are long enough to "wrap around". The answer is a large, wide baffle or to enclose the driver creating a monopole.
A speaker which has two sets of drivers, each facing opposite directions, that are wired out of phase. This type of speaker is often used for surround sound, as they generate a non-localizable effect.
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Positive and negative charges on a molecule separated by a distance. Molecules with polar bonds and a certain shape have a dipole moment.
partial positive and partial negative charges separated by a distance
Produced from an unequal sharing of electrons in a molecule in which there will be a region of partial positive charge and a separate region of partial negative charge.
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Gentian Violet.
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a pattern with one hot side of the sky and one cold side of the sky.