Definitions for "Heterodyne"
Keywords:  nonlinear, mixed, inl, frequency, beat
A process of the shifting of a signal of interest down to a frequency at which it may be processed more easily to extract information
The electronic mixing of two signals of different frequency to produce a third signal having a frequency equal to the difference in frequency between the original signals.
A process by which two signals are mixed for the purpose of cross-frequency translation. Integral Nonlinearity (INL) This term describes the absolute accuracy of a converter. It is the maximum deviation, at any point in the transfer function, of the converter's output from its ideal value.
In poetry, a heterodyne is a word in which the syllable receiving stress and/or pitch change is other than the syllable of longer quantity. This misalignment is considered by most people to be phonetically challenging to recite, and when applied sporadically to several words in succession, it usually attracts the listener's attention to a higher degree than the more natural-sounding blend of meter and stress/pitch.