Definitions for "TAI"
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Designating, or pertaining to, the chief linguistic stock of Indo-China, including the peoples of Siamese and Shan speech. It includes the Thai language.
A member of one of the tribes of the Tai stock.
a native or inhabitant of Thailand
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A statistical time scale calculated by the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM) from the readings of more than 200 atomic clocks in more than 30 countries.
International Atomic Time ‘ÛŒ´Žq
(Temps Atomic Internationale) A close definition of Atomic time (see elsewhere) that differs by 32.184 seconds. TAI = TDT(Dynamic Time) + 32.184 secs
Tusas Aerospace Industries Inc (Turkey)
Toshiba America Inc
Theatres Associes Inc
TAI & NTAI, an aggressive, expansionist skirmish AI that doesnt cheat written for the Spring engine made by the SY's.
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Very; too. ( Tai Gao Le = Too Tall); ( Tai Gui Le = Too expensive); ( He Tai Duo Le = Too Drunk); Feng Tai De = Too windy
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eagle; necktie
Trading Arrangement Issue
Tai is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. A Cambodian, Tai was something of a mentor for the New Warriors in the first 25 issues of their first series.
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tide, sea
sea bream.
Thermal Alteration Index (palynomorphs, etc.); plural (for each kind of palynomorphs, e.g. spores), Thermal Alteration Index values (i.e. not indices)
the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
Includes a number of varieties of which madai is considered...
Technology Adoption Indicators - A set of indicators that measure the likelihood of technology adoption derived from publicly available, broadly defined, industry-level data sets covering the manufacturing sector.