Definitions for "Obstructions"
Even when sounds originate in the same room, they are often obstructed by objects like furniture before they reach a person's ears. However, because the sound remains in the same room as the listener, the reverberation effect on these sounds will not be muffled - reverberation will spread round a whole room regardless of individual obstructions.
Any man-made objects, except objects that define out-of-bounds, or a construction that is ruled to be a part of the course.
Any restriction or foreign object that reduces or modifies the cross section of the pipe to the extent that gas flow is affected or in-line inspection pigs can become stuck (ovality, collapse, dents, undersized valves, wrinkles, bends, weld drop through). Also any foreign object in the pipeline. (See pipe collapse)
something that blocks passage, action, or operation
Narrowing of an anastomosis or segment of gastrointestinal tract which retards normal passage of food or waste materials
obstacles which block the line of sight between a GPS receiver's antenna and a satellite