Definitions for "Bombers"
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"Bombers" is a song written by David Bowie. It was recorded in 1970 and intended for the album Hunky Dory, but was replaced at the last minute by the cover "Fill Your Heart".Nicholas Pegg (2000). The Complete David Bowie: p.77 The song was recorded at the same sessions as "Conversation Piece".
"Bombers" is the second single by Gary Numan and his band Tubeway Army, released in 1978. The song is in a somewhat more conventional rock style than their punk-orientated debut, "That's Too Bad", and features sound effects simulating air raid sirens, dive bombers, and machine gun fire. Like its predecessor, the single earned indifferent reviews and failed to chart.
the earliest mountain bikes, converted from cruiser roadbikes to race down mountains.
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British slang for boomer.