Definitions for "ASR"
The afternoon Namaaz.
Mid-afternoon salah which may be performed from the late afternoon until a short while before sunset.
Mid-afternoon, beginning when an object and its shadow are of equal length.
See Alkali-Silica Reaction.
Alkalai Silica Reactivity value as determined by AASHTO T 303.
alkali-silica reactivity.
automotive shredder residue
After disposal of fuel, oil and other liquids by end-of-life vehicle dismantlers, the engines, transmission, tires, batteries and other parts are separated, and the remaining bodies and other parts are dispatched to a shredding facility. They are turned into shredder residue after steel and nonferrous metal particles are separated out for recycling. Recycling technology for this residue is now under development.
Advanced Speech Recognition. Technology that converts a customer's verbal response/request into text.
Edit / Automated Speech Recognition See Also: Speech Recognition VoiceXML IVR
Automated Send/Receive
Access Service Request. Forms used by Interexchange Carrier customers to order Switched Access or Special Access Services from Verizon; for example, interoffice facilities such as dedicated trunk ports.
See Access Service Request.
Access Service Request, Answer Seizure Ratio, Automatic Send-Receive
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Accelerated Share Repurchase
Anti Slip Regulation
Acceleration Slip Regulation. Engine spark retard, throttle close down, and brake intervention limit wheel spin during acceleration. ASR was standard equipment starting with 1992 Corvette models.
Angriffssehrohr Attack periscope
(Automatic Send/Receive). Refers to terminals, usually printing terminals, that have papertape or other local storage.
See Automatic Send/Receive.
aquifer storage and recharge
alternate supply route
The ratio of successfully connected calls to attempted calls (also called Call Completion Rate). ASRs vary by routes. A typical ASR to Pakistan is lower than that of Germany. Reasons for this include the quality of the network and the fact that its less likely that a call to Pakistan will encounter a device such as an answering machine.
(Answer-Seizure Ratio) The ratio of successfully connected calls to attempted calls (also called 'Call Completion Rate').
Active Surge Region. In solar-terrestrial terms, an Active Region that exhibits a group or series of spike-like surges that rise above the limb.
Altimeter setting region
Administrative Setback Reduction BLA Boundary Line Adjustment
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Airport Surveillance Radar
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Air Staff Requirement (UK)
Air Sea Rescue / Air Staff Requirement
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Aviation Safety Recommendation
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Adult Spiritual Renewal
advanced symmetric replication. See Oracle9i Advanced Replication
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Apple Software Restore. A program that lets one load a complete set of software onto a computer, including the operating system and configuration files. This program is now a command line tool under Mac OS X (10.2 and higher). Under Mac OS 9 and before, it was an application with a graphical interface.
Age Standardisation Rate The ASR for an area is the number of events, usually expressed per 100,000, that would occur in that area if it had the same age structure as the standard population and the local age-specific rates of the area applied. Normally refers to mortality as the event.
Age standardised rate
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Archive Search Report