Definitions for "parse"
To resolve into its elements, as a sentence, pointing out the several parts of speech, and their relation to each other by government or agreement; to analyze and describe grammatically.
To resolve (as a sentence) into component parts of speech and describe them grammatically. Flat file data often have to be parsed into separate files prior to analysis.
To divide a language (programming languages in our case) into components for analysis or to perform operations.
v. To analyze the operands entered with a command and create a parameter list for the command processor from the information.
To search through a stream of text and either break it up into useful chunks of information or reformat it in some other manner.
No, this is not a typo of the word "sparse." To parse text means to break it ...
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PARSE uses the value of IN as an index into the address and count returned by SOURCE, parsing from that location until either CHAR is found or the string is exhausted. PARSE returns the address ADDR of where it started looking and the COUNT of the characters until CHAR was found. PARSE does not skip over leading occurrences of CHAR. It returns even if the first character checked is CHAR . : PS" ( -- , like ." ) ASCII " PARSE TYPE ; 20 5 - PS" Answer = " . CR ( print Answer = 15 ) Related Words: /STRING SOURCE SKIP SCAN WORD QUERY
To select and exclude a character string from the parse area using a specified set of delimiting characters, called delimiters.
To use string manipulation functions to change user-inputted string information. For example, the string "Microsoft+Visual&Basic&6.0" might be parsed into company ("Microsoft") and application ("Visual Basic 6.0") strings.
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( Pars) The sound of the light breeze that sifts through the leafy canopy above the Weald.
extract port information from an HDL description.
processing of a text file to extract desired data. Linguistic parsing may recognize words and phrases in text, and even recognize parts of speech.
Dividing information into smaller defined fields.  For example, when you enter a new person, Keep In Touch can automatically divide the person's full name into First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix and Salutation and place them in separate fields.
The process by which programming data input is broken into smaller units.
President's Award for Research and Scholarly Excellence.
Analysis and segmentation of data in order to represent it correctly.
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To separate data into pieces to aid in their processing