Definitions for "Spell Checker "
Spell Checker is a class meant to check the spelling of text using only basic PHP commands, thus not using any special purpose extensions. It uses a dictionary text file as its spelling knowledge base. For greater performance, the class uses the dictionary words to build a dynamic hashed lookup table.
A program that looks up words in an electronic dictionary to verify spelling.
Part of a word processing program that uses a disk-based dictionary to check and correct misspellings in documents. (WP, Gr. 7)
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a help but then I am indebted to Pauline's for her hawk eyed proof reading
a very good thing, it helps us keep up the appearance of intelligence, capitalizing I's is not necessarily a sign but anything that can be deemed negative should be eliminated from a profile
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an example of contextual editing
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tab character
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a make or break feature for many people