Definitions for "Auctioneer"
is a person who calls bids to act as a medium between a seller and a buyer.
The person engaged by the seller to conduct the auction
The person responsible for the auction (The MC). The auctioneer is in charge of announcing items of sale, taking bids, and finalizing the bidding process by announcing in some form that the item is sold or passed. The auctioneers' word is always final.
Der Auctioneer ist ein Workflow-Management System f�r eBay Auktionen, das es dem Verk�ufer einfacher macht seine Auktionen zu beantworten und schneller zu bearbeiten.
a legal agent of the consignor, and must fulfill his legal requirements scrupulously
A person who sells by auction; a person whose business it is to dispose of goods or lands by public sale to the highest or best bidder.
To sell by auction; to auction.
sell at an auction
The man who proclaims with a hammer that he has picked a pocket with his tongue.
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a deal maker